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At the same time, the slow disappearance of cool, damp nights that once helped to temper fires also means they are getting harder to extinguish, according to a second study published last week in the journal Nature.

Manfred se une a negociaciones en busca de poner fin al paro

El comisionado de las Grandes Ligas Rob Manfred durante una rueda de prensa. (AP Foto/John Raoux)

Los peloteros y dueños de las Grandes Ligas dieron un primer paso para salvar la fecha inaugural de la próxima campaña, al acercarse el viernes a un acuerdo sobre un sorteo que defina las primeras selecciones en el draft.

El acercamiento ocurrió durante las negociaciones que buscan poner fin al paro patronal, las cuales incluyeron una reunión sorpresiva uno a uno entre el comisionado de las mayores Rob Manfred y el líder sindical Tony Clark.

Aunque no se ha concretado el acuerdo sobre el draft, las conversaciones parecieron avanzar más rápido por vez primera.

La negociación continuará este sábado. Las Grandes Ligas han advertido que el lunes es el último día para lograr un acuerdo que evite abreviar la campaña regular de 162 juegos y que permita inaugurar la temporada el 31 de marzo, como está previsto.

Las mayores han anunciado también la cancelación de los juegos de pretemporada hasta el 7 de marzo. Los encuentros debían comenzar el sábado, pero se habían aplazado ya al 4 de marzo.

Ambas partes sostuvieron tres reuniones el viernes, además de la sesión entre Manfred y Clark. Ello ocurrió después de cuatro días consecutivos de sesiones de negociación, prácticamente infructuosas, que se enfocaron en intercambios de propuestas sobre minucias,

Manfred apareció en las conversaciones por primera vez, hablando con ambos bandos en el Roger Dean Stadium, la casa de pretemporada de los Cardenales de San Luis y los Marlins de Miami.

La delegación de los dueños incluyó a Hal Steinbrenner, socio general administrativo de los Yanquis; Dick Monfort, director general de Colorado; Dan Halem, vicecomisionado de las mayores, y Morgan Sword, vicepresidente ejecutivo.

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“We were able to confirm that she engaged in acts that violated her contract by leaking information that she acquired from the company as well as communication over SNS (social media), both of which she has a responsibility to protect, and caused the company to suffer reputational damage, such as by publicizing falsehoods to various related parties”, the statement reads.

Now, the press statement paints a pretty grim image of some backdoor activities the performer behind Rushia might have engaged in, but without any actual confirmation it’s simply unclear what Cover Corporation actually says she did.

UPDATE: It appears she was leaking information to livestreamer Korekore in an attempt to clear her name.

This statement comes after a tumultuous couple of weeks, after it was rumored she was dating fellow Japanese streamer Mafumafu when a very familiar-sounding discord message showed up on her screen.

Hololive Vtuber Earnings 2021

Rushia was the most superchatted Vtuber in 2021, with a loyal legion of fans

At the time, Cover Corporation seemed to throw their support behind Rushia, saying that they didn’t care about what the performers behind their Vtubers did with their dating lives.

It should be noted that the language used is very deliberate: Uruha Rushia was terminated, as opposed to graduated, a la Kiryu Coco.

Unlike Coco who parted on good terms and even got a graduation concert, the same is unlikely to be said for Rushia, who will more likely be treated similarly to 5th Gen Vtuber Mano Aloe .

UK PM Boris Johnson announces sanctions against five Russian banks

New Delhi: UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Tuesday announced sanctions against five Russian banks — Rossiya, IS Bank, General Bank, Promsvyazbank and the Black Sea Bank.

He called it “the first barrage of what we are prepared to do”. Sanctions have also been announced against three individuals, BBC reported.

The UK government has published details of the sanctions it plans to impose on Russia. It will freeze the assets of three individuals — Gennadiy Timchenko, Boris Rotenberg and Igor Rotenberg.

Liberal Democrat leader Ed Davey welcomed the UK PM’s statement, but urged him to go further on sanctions.

He called for the UK to freeze and begin seizing the assets of Putin’s ‘cronies’ and expel these ‘oligarchs’ from the country.

Davey also asked if Johnson will push for the UEFA Champions League final to be moved from St. Petersburg.

In response, the PM said that he thinks it “inconceivable” that major international football tournaments can take place after the Russian invasion of a sovereign country (Ukraine).

On Russian money, he said the UK is cracking down on “ill-gotten gains in London” and the “cronies” of Putin.

A number of UK MPs have raised concerns that the sanctions announced on Tuesday do not go far enough.

Some are calling for most Russian banks to be blacklisted along with more individuals, BBC reported.

There is a suggestion that what has been announced on Tuesday afternoon is not enough of a deterrent.

The UK Prime Minister said this is a first barrage of sanctions, with more ready if Russian actions escalate.

(Except for the headline, this story has not been edited by Sambad English staff and is published from a syndicated feed.)

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